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Welcome to Grigora

A place where we simply your website building needs. Let's discover Grigora in less than 5 minutes.

Quick Start

Get started by creating a new website.

What you'll need

  • WordPress version 5.9 or above:
    • Installed on Localhost.
    • Or on your website.

Install Grigora Kit

We'll begin by installing the plugin.

Login to your Wordpress Admin Panel and go to Appearance > Add New section.

Search for Grigora Kit plugin and Install and Activate it.

Installing Grigora Kit

Enable Starter Templates

After installing Grigora Kit, we need to enable the Starter Templates module.

This can be found in your Wordpress Admin Sidebar.

Click on the Sidebar Menu and Enable the Starter Templates module.

Activating Starter Templates

Note: This will only work if you have a Block Theme installed. By default, Twenty Twenty Two is installed (one of the block theme). If you get a warning of missing Block Theme, then you need to install any Block Theme from Appearance > Themes.

Install a Pre-Built Website

After enabling Starter Templates, go to Grigora's Kit > Starter Templates from the sidebar.

Selecting a Pre Built Website

There there are list of many pre built templates which you can import and start editing. Follow these steps -

  1. Click on any of the template you like. This will open up a window displaying the preview of template along with pre customization options.
  2. Edit the General Settings or click Skip.
  3. Edit the Colors or click Skip.
  4. Edit the Typography or click Skip.
  5. Edit the Layout or click Skip.
  6. Finishing Up - We recommend you to tick all the options. This will make sure the website looks exactly the same as preview.

Wait for 1-2 minutes to finish up the import. Once the process is complete, you'll get a message to view your website.

Start Editing your Website

Start Editing

Now, start editing your website as per your need by clicking the Edit Site option on the top Admin bar or from Appearance > Edit Site in Admin Panel.