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How to use Starter Templates?

After Toggling on Starter Templates Modules from Grigora's Kit dashboard. Go to Grigora's Kit section in Admin control Panel.Under it open Starter Templates. Once Starter Templates is opened Import Whichever Starter Templates is meeting our requirement. To Import Template just hover on it and click import.


1) Now we will see the General Section on left side of screen and Template preview on Right Side.

2) In General section we can change Site Name,Site Tagline, Logo, Logo Size.

3) On bottom side of general section we can check the preview of template, how will it appear on Laptop/Desktop, Tablets and Phones.

4) Below Preview Section there is Home Page, Archive Page and Post Page.

5) Or Click on Skip Button.


1) Next Page is Colors Where you can change Color Presets of Templates

2)There is also advanced Color Presets setting where we can customize all colors manually.

3) Or Click on Skip Button.


1) Under Typography we can change fonts.

2) After that select the base font size which will change font size.

3) Or Click on Skip Button.


1) Container Width will change the size of container.

2) Block Gap increase or decrease the space between two blocks.

3) Or Click on Skip Button.

Finishing Up

We get three options which can checked or unchecked.

1) Install Grigora Blocks Theme.(Optional)

2) Include Assets.(Optional)

3) Include Plugins.(Optional)

After that click on Install for installing the template. Wait for 1-2 minutes to finish up the import. Once the process is complete, you'll get a message to view your website.