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How to install Grigora Blocks via FTP?

There might be plenty of reasons for you to not use the normal theme upload method. The majority of them are not being able to upload due to the file upload limit. In such cases, you need to use FTP to install themes, fortunately, you won’t have to restart servers or anything, just upload and go, as easy as that.

1. Download FTP Client

First of all, you need to have FTP Client installed on your computer. Otherwise, it’ll be way harder using the SFTP command line. Using an FTP client you can easily connect to your server and edit files. If you’re on Windows, macOS, or Linux, using Filezilla would be a great option.

2. Connect to your server

Trust Me, connecting to your server is the hardest part. Many of the hosting providers don’t even provide a direct way to access FTP. In such cases, you might need to ask support to create an FTP account and provide you with a guide on how to connect.

3. Download and Unzip Grigora

The next step is to download and unzip the Grigora Blocks theme archive on your computer. You can easily get the downloadable version on the WordPress Themes page or on Github. Then unzipped folder will be uploaded to your server in order to install a theme.

4. Uploading your files

In your Filezilla, go to your public_html/ folder. This should contain the WordPress installation files for your website. If you’re using multiple websites on the same hosting plan then your WordPress installation files may be in another folder.

Then open wp-content/themes/ folder from WordPress installation directory. This folder contains all the installed themes. Now, drag and drop the unzipped Grigora Blocks theme folder from your computer to the FileZilla window.

This will upload the folder to your server. If done correctly, you can see the theme installed in your WordPress dashboard.

5. Activating the theme

Once, you have Grigora Blocks installed in your WordPress, you can Activate it by pressing Activate button.